Taoist Bedroom Practices

Taoist Bedroom Arts: The way of sexual self-cultivation

Processes designed to free dormant or repressed enegy trapped in the pelvic bowl
Male and female empowerment exercises
Breath and emotional alignment practices designed for couples
Solo self-cultivation practices for moving beyond self-made obstacles and limitations
Channel sexual energy through the centers in internal alchemy practice
Practices to restore authentic energetic template
Empower male Jing and increase testosterone
Learn to relax and breathe with erotic energy for revitilization
Learn the Taoist invigoration practices of 'gathering and releasing' and 'lifting and spreading'.
Dissolve sexual armoring and subconscious restrictive patterns in your energy body
Unify and harmonize the three main elixir fields within the human body
Channel and move energy through the subtle body for greater health and well-being
Heal traumas and move beyond the limitations of the past
Unify spirit and eros, mind and body.

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