Three Treasures Acupressure
Working with acu-points on the energy meridians of the body,  energy is moved and shifted to create a balanced system.

Treatment patterns include:
   Building core reerves and enhancing Jing
   Strenthening immunity and cerebral funcions
   20 Points Longevity treatment pattern
   Liver & De-tox treatment pattern
   Pelvic release to free trapped Qi
  Point pattern for migraine headaches
   Sacral-spinal balance for mental clarity and immunity
   Dementia and cerebral pattern
Sound toning with acupressure, both vocal toning and singing bowls are used to unify and harmonize Jing, Qi and Shen. Various locations on the body are toned.
Harmonizing body, spirit and mind, or the Three Treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen

Jing is the pure essence of the body in the form of egg, sperm, sexual fluids, cerebral spinal fluids and blood.
Qi is the energy circulating throughout the body and all it's organs and their functions. 
Shen is spirit or bright mind. It is optimisitc or joyful awareness of one's environment and place in it. 
The Way of Qi Gong
Qi gong uses breath, awareness and movement to bring internal harmony, flexibility and strength.
Qi gong uplifts the spirit and calms the mind.
Using breath and movement Qi gong circulates energy and benefits the organs.
Using stillness, it harmonizes the Three Treasures.
Breath practices are used that build the Jing and expand the Qi; purify the blood and benefit Shen.

Some of the benefits of regular Qi Gong practice:
Regulates blood pressure and matabolism
Restores normal organ functioning
Benefits the heart and blood circulation
Benefits bone strength and density
​Benefits libido 
Helps create healthy hormonal balance
Helps with memory and cerebral functions
Combats fatifue, aging patterns and dementia

Qi gong is  moving meditation and is very much like the way wind  moves through trees.

Qi gong uses focus of mind to direct the energy.

Qi gong is breathing and moving in harmony with everything.

Qi gong produces harmonious connection with all aspects of being.

Qi gong is a life long pursuit for the sake of happiness , stability and harmony.

Asian Tonic Herbs for Health and Longevity

Nine Herbs Detox  Benefit Liver Combination
Removes toxins, boosts immunity, clears excess heat and benefits liver.
Contains:  Rhodiola, Burdock Rt, Beet Rt, Tumeric pwd, 
Cordyceps,  He Shu Wu, Dandelion Rt  and Schizandra berry. A longevity forumula safe for everyday use for overall health.

Tiger Jing Elixir
This is a powerful and effective libido tonic effective in both men and women. The elixir is based on an ancient Chinese forumula for enhancing the primal essence or Jing. It is also tonic to the cerebral funcions, immunity and heart and can be taken on a regular basis to restore core energy sources.
As a youth preserving formula it nourishes female Yin fluids and sensitiviey while benefiting male virility and sexual potency. The perfect aprodisiac for the loving couple.
Cotains the following tonic herbs:  
Cistanches, cinnamorium, cornus berry, schizandra berry,  cuscutae,empimedium, cnidium,  tribulus,  tangkat ali,
polygala in ticnture form. 40%.
Dragon Jing Elixir is an effective aphrodisiac and sex tonic similar to Tiger Jing with additional Yang herbs added to benefit male essence and boosts primal Jing. The combination enhances concentration and focus, strengthens inner core and power while ncreasing sexual endurance and stamina. Great for those who expend a lot physical energy and need to refuel, build or recharge.
Herbal ingredients: Cistanches, cinnamorium, Rhodiola, Goji berry, Schizandra berry, Reishi mushroom, Gynostemma, Steamed  rehmannea , Morinda, Eleuthero,  Dendrobium, Astragalus, He shu wu, Panax ginseng, Cornus berry, Ligisticum, Epimedium , Cnidium, Cinnamon, Tribulus, Tangkat ali, Cuscutae, polygala

Remineralizing Clove Tooth Powder
Mineral rich for healthy teeth and gums
Remineralizes cells and tissues
Anti-inflammatory, heals swollen gums
Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants
Circulatory and anti-bactierial
Alkalizes the blood and heals infection

Contains: Bentonite clay, Myrrh gum,
Cinammon powder, Clove powder,
Pink sea salt, Ginger powder, 
Bicarbonate soda, Anise and Fennel​​

Comprehensive Program for  Radiant Health

Herbal medicine: Formulas created with your specific energy and health needs in mind. Geared toward eliminating imbalances and neutralizing existing disease patterns.  Increases what is lacking, diminishes obstructions. Balances Yin and Yang elements in body, spirit and mind.

Qi gong practice: Develop a personalixed Qi gong practice to open dormant energy chanells or loosen blocked Qi. Aimed at reducing the influence of aging and undoing unwelcome holding patterns that result in stiffness, painful joints, depression, anxiety or sluggishness.
Learn a specific energy practices both moving and still for creating emotional balance and optimistic spirit and outlook. Benefits and strengthens personal overall health along with better family  and people relations. 

Acupressure:  Receive regular acu-point therapy or 
learn to use acupressure points on yourself to enhance your own heatth and well being.
Areas easily benfited include, regulate blood pressure, heart health, increase blood circulation, diminsh nervousness or insomnia, help with poor digestion, slow metabolism, poor or excessive appetite,  excessive weight gain, chronic fatigue, chronic anger or depression. ​ 

Treasured Protector Toxin Shield Formula
An adaptogenic formula designed to protect and shield the blood and bodily organs from harm due to environmental toxins, radiation exposure, free radicals and harmful chemicals.
Contains the following tonic herbs in a synergistic formula:
Panax ginseng ~ stimulates immunity, anti-tumor, anti-cancer.  Astagalus root ~ builds immunity, Reishi mushroom ~protects the body from toxic exposure, overall health regulator and balancer, Eleutero root ~ moderates and strengthens the immune system, Gynostemma ~ restores balance after major stresses.  American ginseng ~ helps to maintain normal bodiy functions under stressful conditions. 
Reishi mushroom
Panax Ginseng