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Vintage Shakuhaci with Kinko-style utaguchi, made in Japan, maker unknown. 1970's
Key of 'C#' 
Plays 2 and a quarter octaves.
Suitable for meditation practice or play in Japanese ensemble with koto and shamisen.
450 usd
​Length: 58 cm

* This flute has been around and has great character, a few scratches from wear, plays very well with no damage to the bore.

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Kinko-style utaguchi, key of 'C#'
Plays beautifully with a nice 'tight sound' and full range of two and a quarter octaves. This flute is suitable for play in  traditional Japanese ensembles with koto and shamisen.

Japanese maker unknown, 1990's.

Hairline crack just below the utaguchi is stable. Red urushi bore.  This flute feels and looks like a new instrument.
​Length: 54 cm
700 usd

A classic Japanese  Shakuhachi with Kinko-style utaguchi. 
Key of 'D'
Suitable for play in traditional Japananese music ensemble with koto and shamisen.
1970's era. maker unknown.
A few scatches from wear and a cpuple of minor surface cracks at the root that are stable.
There is no damage to the bore.
Plays  2 and a quarter octaves.
​Length: 52 cm
575 usd

Vintage 1930's Kinko-ryu shakuhachi. Japanese maker unknown.
Key of  'D'. This flute has some surface scratches and sealed crack is stable. Plays like a dream.  Suitable for traditional Japanese ensemble with koto and shamisan.
This flute will go anywhere yu want to take it. Two and 1/4 octaves. 
Urushi bore which I re-coated with black enamel.
length: 53 cm
350 usd