Entry Level Shakuhachi from Torachiku Tiger Bamboo

Tiger Bamboo jinashi shakuhachi key of 'E' with natural untreated bore.
A sweet little number for the beginning student.
Ease of play, easy to carry on outings.
Only 46 cm long with natural coloration, good volume and tonal balance.
2.25 octaves
​180 usd
Beautifully speckled tiger bamboo shakuhachi in 'C#'. I coated the bore with black  enamel for added mosture protection. All natural coloration.
This flute moves easily through two plus octaves with nice clean sound. A great flute to begin one's shakuhachi journey.
52.5 cm  220 usd

Beautiful tiger bamboo shakuhachi in key of 'D'
Jinashi bore coated with black enamel for added moisture protection. All natural coloration.
54.5 cm classic length. 2 and a quarter octaves with good volume, has more of a breathy sound and good tonal balance. Great for shakuhachi beginner.
220 usd

Tiger bamboo untreated bore shakuhachi in key of 'D'. 51.8 cm in length.
21/4 octave range with good volume and balance and  a nice 'tight' sound.
180 usd
Good flute for beginner.