Self-published Books and Channelled Writings 
  • The Book of Protection, A Manual for Spirit Warriors
  • Acu Point Self Therapy Booklet, Point combinations for self-healing
  • The Little Book of Ethiopian Angels
  • Writings and Essays on Esoteric Tantra
  • Magical Diagrams and their Purposes

  • Open Lotus, Sacred Erotic Poetry
  • Poetic Reflections on the Tao
  • The Poetic Oracle of the Goddess Quan Yin (chanelled wisdom)
  • Quan Yin Oracle Cards 
  • Sahaja Tantra Manual, Outline for Sacred Loving

  • Samadhi Meditation, a poetic exploration
  • Shakuhachi Beginners Playing Guide
  • Spring Tea, Zen Style Love Poems
  • Tantric Secrets and Mysteries
  • The Hidden Language of Esoteric Symbols, from China, Tibet, India and Japan (unfinished)

  • The Flowering of Light I and II, Channeled Teachings and Essays from the Indigenous Council of Elders, Bk I, Secrets of the Energy Body, BK II, Secrets of Awareness (from the Toltec elders)
  • The Kali Yuga, Apocalyptic Prophecies (From Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu and Hopi Sources)
  • The Book of the Secret Peace (a channeled document for dreaming the peace)
  • The Zen of Internal Alchemy (Kundalini Awakening and the Three Treasures of Taoism)

  • Twenty Asian Tonic Herbs That I Love (not finished)
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